The MotherSage Story

Did you know that MotherSage skincare products are formulated using over 60 years of research and data by world-renowned scientists? Learn more today!

Our Story

The MotherSage™ story started with a chance conversation. During a research trip to Prague to discuss the potential healing effects of CBD for topical pain relief, an informal chat with our scientists and formulators took place on a tea break. In their opinion, based on all the research they had seen to date, they believed that the brightest and most long-lasting future for CBD lay in SkinCare; we asked them…why?

They noted that the two primary sources of aging and other common skin issues are free radical damage and inflammation. Based on everything they had seen and researched, they believed the natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties of CBD made it perfectly structured to combat both. Therefore, if CBD skincare products were to be formulated properly and were to include all of the other fantastic natural oxidants and natural anti-inflammatories that nature has to offer – the resulting SkinCare products could really add something new to the market. MotherSage™ was born. 


MotherSage™ products are formulated using over 60 years of research and data by world renowned scientists based in the Czech Republic. Research into Cannabinoids has been carried out in the Czech Republic since the 50’s. In 1955 Prof. Jan Kabelik laid the basics of the scientific research into the healing effects of cannabis, pioneering a legacy of research in the Czech Republic that continues to this day. His colleagues Prof. Zdeněk Krejčí and chemist František Šantavy were the first to discover and isolate cannabidiol acid or CBD. In 1963 Professor Šantavý published the correct absolute configuration of CBD and THC, four years ahead of Profs Raphael Mechoulam and Gaoni in Israel who independently determined and verified the findings. Many of these ground-breaking papers were published behind the Iron Curtain in the Czech language. If they had been published in English, scientific journals of their work would now be cited all over the world.

World Class Formulations

Today this inherited knowledge lays the foundation upon which our formulations are created. Our Czech formulators are scientists that have not only access to decades of cannabinoid research but also the world-class expertise in formulation processes and combining bioactive ingredients to deliver the most effective products.These scientists, working with skin experts and salons, over time crafted a range of five beautiful SkinCare products. We understand the prior connotations with CBD that people may have but our customers can rest assured that all of our MotherSage™ products are legally registered and regulatory compliant. CBD is a phenomenal natural ingredient but it is only one of the important reasons and ingredients that make our products so special.

Our Multi-Award Winning Products

MotherSage is a range of high-quality, invigorating and relaxing CBD skincare products formulated with the very best natural ingredients to help alleviate common skin ailments resulting in firmer, healthier skin.

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