Taking inspiration from Mother Earth and focusing on the power of natural ingredients, MotherSage™ cares for your body while soothing your soul. In a busy world this premium range of CBD infused products is the perfect blend of calm and care.

MotherSage™ is an innovative range of natural and effective therapeutic products that contain cannabidiol (CBD) – an active extract from the hemp plant that has shown healing properties. MotherSage™ products have been uniquely developed by scientists who have decades of experience in product formulation and have world class expertise in product R&D.

ICCT – the company behind MotherSage™- is continuing the pioneering legacy of research by scientists in the Czech Republic who first discovered CBD in 1955, and laid the basis of the scientific research into the healing effects of the hemp plant. Today, ICCT is partnering with leading analytical chemists in the world resulting in cutting-edge products that utilise hemp extracts, called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids, such as CBD, are extracted from the plant, isolated, and then put through robotic in vitro testing and assessed for their precise optimal use. The most effective delivery system is then chosen that will ensure efficient absorption of the cannabinoids by the body.

In accordance with ICCT’s commitment to quality, all products meet the European parliament’s highest regulatory requirements for cosmetic products and are registered under Regulation (EC) No 2009/1223 for sale in Europe.

• THC free (100% Non-psychoactive) • Sulphate free • Preservative free
• Paraben free • Petroleum free • Non-GMO • Not tested on animals